Roach Killer: The Best Method Is With Bait Paste

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Boric Acid Ant Killer

Have you ever noticed an ant or two crawling around the home?  It isn’t alarming at first, but be aware that they can start a colony in your home.

Some homes have dirt directly under the flooring.  This makes it possible for ants to set up a nest.  Sometimes they can find a small hole under the slab of concrete that rests on the dirt.  They can then proceed to climb into the home through the furnace vents, doors, and other cracks.  When you start to see flying ants, you know there is a real problem.

Like cockroaches, ants can be killed by boric acid.  They are a communal insect.  If you have ever seen them at work, they will form a line and let each other know where the food source is.  They will then take turns taking the food back to the nest.  This makes a boric acid bait a good choice to eliminate the ants.