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Roach Killer

You have been lucky enough to find the best roach killer on the market today. MRF 2000 is an all-natural roach bait.  The proprietary formula is best known for three wonderful things:

1- It eliminates cockroaches permanently.
2- It is one of the safest products available to kill cockroaches.
3- It is the most cost-effective roach killer product.   

Permanent Cockroach Termination

The obvious goal is PERMANENT roach termination.  We stress the word permanent because so many cockroach control products only knock them back.  Would you rather get rid of all the cockroaches or just kill some of them?  Again, the answer seems obvious, but so many products do nothing more than kill a few cockroaches leaving you with having to deal with many unpleasant roaches breeding in many dark areas of your home.  MRF 2000 will get rid of all your cockroaches.  The reason it works so well is that the nymphs (baby cockroaches) are fed the bait by the adults.  The breeding cycle is then interrupted.  You must interrupt breeding for the problem to go away.  You simply can't kill a few here and there that you see.

Safety of MRF 2000 Roach Bait

MRF 2000 is made from borate (boric acid) and organic food matter as an attractant.  Boric acid is simply a white powder that is mined in areas like California and Nevada.  It is a great way to eliminate cockroaches.  Companies sell the white boric acid dust right out of the mines.  While this dust is able to kill some cockroaches, it is much more effective to put the product into a bait.  There are many advantages to using a bait product over other choices. 

Many cockroach  products are simply much less safe than MRF 2000.  The reason is that cockroaches build up immunity to unnatural poisons as some roaches are always immune and pass those genetics to the younger generation.  This results in labs creating more powerful poisons and new concoctions.  There is one large benefit to this type of poison product and that is to the company creating it; a company can make a huge batch of product for a few pennies per gallon.  This is why it is typically more expensive to use a good bait than to spray with poison.  The big difference between using a spray and a good roach bait like MRF 2000 is total elimination versus having to spray every few months to knock them back again. 

Cost Effectiveness of MRF 2000 Roach Bait

The reason MRF 2000 was invented by Bill and Susie Stapleton was because there was really no cost-effective approach to getting rid of cockroaches.  They were into real estate and had purchased some apartment buildings.  They realized that sprays were a long-term deal having a guy come over all the time; this was expensive.  Their research showed that a bait was the best way to go.  They looked into using the gel bait, but figured out that the tiny syringes would simply cost a fortune for a large apartment building.  So, they hired some engineers and invented their own bait from all-natural products.  The product was so effective they started selling it all over the world.  Many people realized that MRF 2000 is actually the most cost effective solution out there.  It eliminates the roaches for good and you get enough product that the price per ounce is actually way less than other bait products. 

History of MRF 2000 Roach Bait

MRF 2000 has been used for many years as a professional roach extermination product only.  It has only been available to non-professionals the last few years and only online.  The proprietary formula has been sought after by large corporations that realized the success and quality of the formula.  Bill and Susie Stapleton have decided to stick by their product (not sell to big business) and keep it available to those that need it.  Many people are grateful to them for their efforts.

Benefits of MRF 2000 Roach Killer

1- Roaches come to the bait.  You don't have to go out and find them.
2- The breeding cycle of the cockroach is destroyed after the adult roaches feed the nymphs (baby roaches) the bait.
3- The product is more cost-effective than other roach control products.
4- It is less toxic than other roach control methods.
5- One application is good for an entire year.
6- It will eliminate your roach problems permanently.
7- No worries about boric acid dust floating in the air.
8- The application is extremely easy.  A simple putty knife, spatula, or piece of cardboard is all that you need.
9- No need to schedule monthly extermination services.
10- The cockroach bait is so effective that roaches prefer it over other foods.
11- It is recommended by many university entomology departments as an effective way to get rid of cockroaches.
12- The product is easy to clean up with water.
13- A cockroach will not build up immunity to it because it works through dehydration.
14- One of the safest products for people with pets.  Do not let your pet eat it.  
15- Your cockroach problems are gone forever.

Types of Cockroaches

There are millions of kinds of cockroaches.  However, there are only a few that irritate humans.  Most people will have one of these types: American, Oriental, German, Brown Banded, and Smoky Brown.  Many people want to know what kind of cockroach they have, but it doesn't really matter all that much.  MRF 2000 will eliminate all of them.  The kind of cockroach has little to do with extermination as the product is effective against all kinds of cockroaches.

Will a Cockroach Hurt Me?

Most of the time a cockroach will not hurt you; if you take care of the problem.  Long-term roach infestations increase your chances for some future health problems.  Since cockroaches are scavengers, they tend to eat anything and everything and they especially like decaying matter.  So, if there is a dead decaying mouse they may munch on that for a while.  If there is some fecal matter from a pet or an unsanitary household, they will feed on that also.  Bacteria and virus germs can be transmit from one food source to the next.  So, if a cockroach runs on your counter it might leave some kind of disease behind.  Then, if you set some food there you could end up contracting a disease.  In many instances, the roaches feed on both people food and other food sources simultaneously. 

A cockroach is known to spread lyme disease, salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, and much more.  Many people are allergic to their exoskeletons as the cockroach will shed it from time to time.  These are all good reasons to stay on top of the problem. 

Brute force is also another way a cockroach may surprisingly bother you.  Some people lay in fear at night.  They do not want a cockroach crawling up their nose or into their mouth while sleeping.  You can always use cotton balls to alleviate the fear even if it sounds a bit crazy.  While some people may think this a joke, there are real cases of people going to the hospital with a roach stuck in their nostril from turning on a nearby light. 

What Does MRF 2000 Look Like?

MRF 2000 comes in a round 20 ounce plastic jar.  It looks like a white toothpaste.    

Is MRF 2000 Really the Best?

"Is MRF 2000 really the best roach control product?"  Yes, it is!  A good bait is the only way to go.  This product works great and is cost-effective. MRF 2000 is also recommended by top Universities like the University of California.  Order yours today for a roach-free home.